Hi! 👋

My name is Bartek (full: Bartłomiej). I am from Poland, precisely from the city called Gdańsk.

I am some curious and (bit too) ambitious human who happened to dive very deeply into software engineering waters. My first dev job started in 2012 and since then I enjoy delivering challenging projects, together with many awesome people I met on the way.

My main focus was always building and running software in web/backend/distributed systems/infrastructure areas. Even though I have on-going experience as a global-scale SRE I love development the most: I love building pragmatic, scalable, high-quality solutions.

I used to work at Improbable: Amazing Gaming UK Startup. With global scale Kubernetes infrastructure, we were using and developing technically impressive unique systems. At some point, a couple of years ago, with Fabian Reinartz, we created Thanos project, which got some popularity as a kind of default choice for scaling Prometheus. That started a shift to work fully on open source around the Prometheus ecosystem, becoming Prometheus maintainer and working as Principal Engineer at the most open-source company ever: Red Hat. 🚀

I love mentoring, teaching, speaking at conferences and working with communities, especially around Observability, that’s why at some point, we created the CNCF Special Interest Group (SIG) for Observability, where I am performing a technical leadership role.

Currently, I live in London, and I am really grateful to work on a daily basis with one of the best engineers in the world in both Red Hat, Prometheus ecosystem and the CNCF space.

Rest of my time is reserved by my beloved wife & family, gym, volleyball and sometimes cars (:


I am always looking forward to hearing feedback! (:

Especially if you feel angry with what I say or do, I would love to hear that. This way we all learn! (:

Reach me through any channels listed in on main page.

My Talks

Some talks I performed (or co-performed 🤗)

Evolution of Metric Monitoring and Alerting: Upgrade Your Prometheus TodayKubeConNA 2020Virtual11.2020video
Observing Cloud Native Observables with the New SIG ObservabilityKubeConNA 2020Virtual11.2020slides, video
Absorbing Thanos Infinite Powers for Multi-Custer TelemetryKubeConNA 2020Virtual11.2020slides, video
Prometheus: Shaping Metric Monitoring in 2020KubeConEU 2020Virtual08.2020slides, video
Sharing is Caring: Leveraging Open Source to Improve Cortex & ThanosPromConNA 2020Virtual07.2020video
Optimizing Go for Clouds: Practical IntroLondonGophers MeetupVirtual06.2020video
Are You Testing Your Observability? Patterns for Instrumenting Your ServicesFOSDEM 2020Brussels, Belgium02.2020
Thanos: Prometheus at Scale!DevConf.cz 2020Brno, CZ01.2020slides, video
Are You Testing Your Observability? Patterns for Instrumenting Your Go ServicesGoDays Berlin 2020Berlin, DE01.2020video
Thanos Deep Dive: Inside a Distributed Monitoring SystemKubeCon EU 2019San Diego, USA11.2019slides, video
Two Households, Both Alike in Dignity: Cortex and ThanosPromCon EU 2019Munich, DE11.2019slides, video
Thanos - Transforming Prometheus Monitoring to a Global Scale in Seven Simple StepsCloudNative PLWarsaw,PL09.2019slides, video
Thanos - Transforming Prometheus to a Global Scale in Seven Simple StepsGrafanaCon2019LA, USA02.2019demo materials
Thanos - Transforming Prometheus to a Global Scale in Seven Simple StepsFOSDEMBrussels, Belgium02.2019demo materials
Brief Intro to PrometheusPrometheus MeetupLondon, UK11.2018slides
Thanos - High Availability and Long Term Storage for Prometheus MetricsOSSummitEdinburgh, Scotland10.2018slides, video
Thanos - Prometheus at ScaleCloudNativeLondon, UK09.2018slides
Thanos - Prometheus at ScalePromCon 2018Munich, Germany08.2018slides, video
Thanos - Prometheus at ScalePrometheus Meetup 2018London, UK01.2018slides, video

Open Source Projects

Some more interesting projects I maintain or maintained in the past. Some of them created or co-created:

Actively Maintaining

Used to Maintain


Let’s just reuse stuff, shall we? (:

My is CV is available on Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/bwplotka/